The Israeli Government Has Repeatedly Refused to Abide

by International and Basic Humanitarian Law

While it is true that Palestinians have caused suffering to Israelis, the suffering caused by Israel
to Palestinians is staggeringly disproportionate. Rebellions against a harsh oppressor
should be expected by a proud people seeking sovereignty.




  • On Gaza border, Israeli security forces attack unarmed protesters in March of Return protest that began in March 2018. As of 13 August, 2018, 168 Palestinians had been killed. By the end of July 2018, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza reports 155 killed, of whom 23 were under 18, 4348 struck by live ammunition, 3279 children injured.

  • Maintains a brutal military occupation of 2.5 million Palestinians in the West Bank for 69 years;

  • Operates over 500 military checkpoints in the West Bank, severely restricting freedom of movement, access to health care, education, and commerce;
  • Demolishes Palestinian homes (over 27,000 since 1967), leaving families homeless and desperate;
  • Builds illegal, Jewish-only colonies (settlements) on stolen Palestinian land (over 500,000 now reside in the West Bank in violation of international law and against stated US policy) and Jewish Israeli-only roads, and disproportionally favors access to water for Jewish Israelis while access to water for Palestinians is scarce and expensive;
  • Maintains a Jim-Crow-style system of discrimination with 50 laws that apply only to Palestinian citizens of the State of Israel, relegating them to second-class citizenship, restricting their access to employment, education, and political rights, and denying them equal protection under the law;
  • Regularly conducts violent, warrantless home invasions in the Occupied Palestinian Territories;
  • Detains and tortures Palestinian children as young as 10 years of age
  • Cited by internationally-respected human rights organizations for extrajudicial killings of Palestinians;
  • Cited by Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, National Lawyers Guild, International Red Cross, B’tselem, and the United Nations “Goldstone Report” for targeting and killing thousands of civilians and hundreds of children in Gaza in Operation Cast Lead (2008-2009) and Operation “Protective Edge” (2014), destroying civilian infrastructure, and rendering life all but impossible; The “Protective Edge” incursion of Israel into Gaza saw 6 Israeli civilian deaths and over 1,500 Palestinian civilian deaths. Every killing of a civilian is to be condemned and every death mourned. But the disproportionality of these figures is starkly apparent;
  • Built a “Separation Barrier” or “Apartheid Wall” (criticized by the Israeli Supreme Court and condemned by the International Court of Justice) that deviates from the 1967 Green Line, steals Palestinian land, and dispossesses Palestinian land-owners;
  • Maintains and administers a deliberate humanitarian disaster – “an open-air prison” – of 1.7 million Palestinians in Gaza through an air-land-and-sea blockade of goods and services.



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