Your Voice Is Urgently Needed! To Advance Diplomacy and Avoid War

The Senate is back in session and will soon be considering the Nuclear Weapons Free Iran Act (S 1881). The clear purpose of this bill is to undermine the promising diplomatic opening to Iran, undertaken by the Obama Administration. 

The vast majority of Americans are tired of war and want peaceful solutions to problems. But the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and Israel's hard-line Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are lobbying furiously to prevent these negotiations from succeeding. This joint effort has already produced 47 co--sponsors in the Senate.

For list of co-sponsors:

For text of S 1881:

All of these Senators need to hear from you, along with your friends and relatives. The last thing most constituents want is another war in the Middle East.

Call the Capitol toll-free at 855-68-NO-WAR (855-686-6927)

Be sure to speak to both your Senators. If they are co-sponsors of this dangerous bill, let them know you want them to withdraw their name.  If they are not co-sponsors, let them know you expect a NO vote!

Please forward widely.