September 6 "Wednesdays at the Center:" New Short Films from Gaza: The Student Eye
  A program introduced by Center for Documentary Studies instructor Nancy Kalow of six recent 
short films by university students residing in Gaza, using a variety of forms from documentary 
to experimental. The films are a uniquely vital commentary on today's closed Gaza; kinetic performance 
footage of parkour, for example, is contrasted with expressive reflections on daily challenges. 
Films were made by students at Al Aqsa University, Al Azhar University, and Birzeit University. 
A NYU documentary graduate student from Gaza, Ahmed Mansour, will be the discussant and lead a Q&A.
 Biography of guest discussant - Ahmed Mansour is from Gaza Strip, Palestine. He is a graduate 
of Gaza University where he specialized in Literature and Arabic English Translation. He is a
 filmmaker, journalist and interpreter. He has worked with international journalists covering 
Gaza and produced his own powerful documentaries that tell the story of his generation of young 
people and their aspirations or peace. He is currently enrolled in a MA program at NYU in News 
and Documentary.
We Love Life by Mohammed Ewais, Birzeit University: Portrait of graffiti artist Bilal Khaled from
 Khan Younis.c

Seekers for Life by Mahmoud Awad, Al Aqsa University: The used clothing market's 
buyers and sellers.

Moving Dream by Alaa Al-Alol, Birzeit University: Nader dreams of going back to work.

The Cage by Khalid Touimah, Birzeit University: Catching birds with Mohammed Halawa from the 
Jabalia refugee camp. Dema by Amjad Al Fayoumi, Al-Azhar University: 

Too young to be a bride.
Parkour of the Rubble of Gaza by Khalid Touimah: A team of athletic daredevils.