Goal: To present on the transformation happening in relation to human rights advocacy in relation to the Middle East, and particularly the Palestinian issue. The speakers will provide college students and university academics with presentations focusing on the narrative of the conflict and how a new generation is trying to find its footing in achieving freedom and human dignity - particularly with the US commitment to international norms deteriorating.

For University/Academic Program:
1. Engage the audience members in conversations and activities that encourage their reflection on strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in working with local and national organizations on Palestinian justice
2. Provide participants with information on Palestinian organizations to plug into after joint session. Plug into these programs/projects 
3. Create an organization structure the supports national organization (ABS Chapters) 
4. Intersectional movement work and coalition building 

For Community Program:
1. Highlight our individual stories as a way to role model participantsí own potential for such active participation
2. Engage community members in conversations and exercises that empower their active participation in our Palestinian story during and after session together 
3. Provide organizations/programs/projects they could plug into after joint session