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Gaza 2014 Operation Protective Edge - 6 NGO Reports & 2 State Department Reports & a UN Report


Summary taken from Introduction to Amnesty International report below.

Israeli air strikes during Israel’s recent military operation in the Gaza Strip, Operation Protective Edge, targeted inhabited multistory family homes. Whole families, including many women and children, were killed or injured by these targeted strikes and, in addition, there was extensive destruction of civilian property.  

These attacks were carried out in the context of a 50-day conflict, from 8 July until 26 August, in which the scale of destruction, damage, death and injury to Palestinian civilians, homes and infrastructure was appalling. According to figures released by the United Nations, some 1,523 civilians, including 519 children, are among more than 2,192 Palestinians who died during the operation.1 By the time of the ceasefire on 26 August there were approximately 110,000 internally displaced persons living in emergency shelter and with host families. The UN estimated that about 18,000 housing units were destroyed or rendered uninhabitable, leaving approximately 108,000 people homeless. A further 37,650 housing units were damaged. 

At the same time, Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups fired thousands of indiscriminate rockets and mortar rounds into civilian areas of Israel, killing six civilians, including one child.3 Dozens of other Israelis, including at least six children, were directly injured by rockets or shrapnel. A total of 66 soldiers were killed in the fighting.

NGO Reports

Amnesty InternationalFamies Under the Rubble Israeli Attacks on Inhabited Homes | November 5, 2014 | 50 pages
More recent (July 29, 2015) and more detailed reports from Amnesty International. Click here.

B'Tselem | BLACK FLAG: The Legal and Moral Implications of the Policy of Attacking Residential Buildings in the Gaza Strip, Summer 2014 | January 2015 | 63 pages

Breaking the Silence | This is How We Fought in Gaza: Soldiers׳ testimonies and photographs from Operation „Protective Edge˝ (2014) |May 4, 2015  | 242 pages

Defense for Children Palestine | Operation Protective Edge: A war waged on Gaza's children | April 16, 2015 | 73 pages

Human Rights Watch |Section on Gaza pages 308-315)| Word Report 2014 Events |February 24, 2015 | 8 pages of the 660 pages total

Physicians for Human Rights | Gaza, 2014 Findings of an independent medical fact-finding mission | January 2015 | 237 pages

State Department Reports

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2014
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2014

US State Department "Country Reports on Human Rights Practices 2014" | Spring 2015 > "Go to a Country Report" > A-Z List > Israel and Occupied Territories (Suggest reading Executive Summary)

US State Department "Country Reports on Terrorism 2014" | June 2015  (Especially 172-173)
"Government of Israel reported that during OPE it conducted over 5,240 airstrikes in Gaza and carried out a 20-day military ground operation within Gaza. According to publicly available data, the conflict led to the deaths of 2,205 Palestinians and 74 persons in Israel, among them 67 soldiers, six Israeli civilians, and one Thai civilian. The Israeli government estimated that half of those killed in Gaza were civilians and half were combatants, while the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) recorded 1,483 civilian Palestinian deaths –more than two-thirds of those killed –including 521 children and 283 women."

Related Editorial Comment 6-21-2015 | State Department report on latest Gaza onslaught details children's deaths for first time | Mondoweiss | Phillip Weiss

United Nations

United Nations Human Rights Council Report | June 24, 2015  <<< Excellent reporting