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  Influencing your Congressmen

A snippet from the Churches for Middle East Peace Website's page on Advocacy Tools:

"When asked, most Congressional staff say that constituent visits to the Washington office (97%) and to the district or state offices (94%) have “some” or “a lot” of influence on an undecided member of Congress, more than any other influence group or strategy. ("Communicating with Congress: Perceptions of Citizen Advocacy on Capitol Hill" from the Congressional Management Foundation)

In-person meetings with your members of Congress and their staff are the single most influential form of grassroots advocacy, especially if it is part of a long-term effort to cultivate a relationship with your elected officials. The great news is that you don’t have to travel to Washington to meet with your member face-to-face. Members of Congress spend several weeks a year in their home districts to be accessible to their constituents. Don’t pass up the next opportunity to meet with your representative and senators to advocate for peace!"

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Also see the comprehensive "Communicating with Congress: Recommendations for Improving the Democratic Dialog" report
 by the Congressional Management Foundation and "Communicating with Congress: How the Internet has Changed Citizen Engagement" report.