Media Outreach (in progress)

Media to Consider

  • Newspaper, Magazines/Journals, TV, Web (* Social Media, * Comment sections of news websites (e.g. Haaretz) and blogs),
    Other (Bus ads, etc)

Letters to the Editor

Letter to editor tips

Letter to editor tips courtesy of NC Peace Action

Links for submissions for newspapers - print

List of Principal Carolina Newspaper Editorial Contacts
courtesy of NC Peace Action

Making Comments - Durham Herald Sun, N&O, NYT

Links to online comment sections of newspapers and news websites.

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Issues - Talking Points
(also see Resources)

Israeli government human rights violations in the region

Counterpoints challenging conventional wisdom on assorted issued.

Specific Issues:

AIME Editor Portal (Requires login)

Has task matrix of who is working on what under what deadline. [Here's an example of one we use
for another non-profit I am involved in.]

Resources for Editors

  • Contact info for directing readers to their representatives
  • Web pages on our website to direct readers to (might contain an online petition related to the issue at hand).

Link to Google Drive containing documents for collaboration (future)

Publications by AIME members