Common Theological Groundings of Our Abrahamic Faiths

A Working Document to Articulate a Theological Basis for Political Action

Uniting Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Faith Leaders       


As Jews, Christians, and Muslims, each of us belongs to a distinctive religious tradition with its own history, sacred texts, rituals and practices.  And yet, all three religions have a common root in the Middle East, are all "people of the book," and revere Abraham as a seminal figure and paragon of the faith.  Not surprisingly, we share many beliefs and moral values. For example, we affirm that:

  • The God of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, though a God of many names, is one and the same God.
  • God created the universe and all that is within it.
  • God created human beings and breathes into all the divine spirit and light that is the irreducible ground of human dignity.
  • God values all human beings equally, without respect to differences.
  • The ethical correlate of this divinely-instituted equality is that we are to treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves.
  • We are alike in being called to love God and neighbor in word and deed.
  • God's command, and thus our shared calling, is to create peace founded on justice with forgiveness and compassion.

Building on these common essentials of our three faiths, we seek to develop interfaith political engagement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  We base our work on the bedrock of Abrahamic ethics and also important secular sources -- human rights conventions and international law.  These powerful norms are deeply rooted in moral values hewn from our Abrahamic traditions, and provide a significant non-sectarian witness, upholding human dignity, promoting equality, and advancing the cause of peace throughout the world.  Thus, Abrahamic ethics and human rights constitute the twin pillars of our interfaith advocacy toward a just and lasting peace among Israelis and Palestinians.  With the combined strength of these ideals, and God's help, we seek to find our common voice and to raise it in support of all the suffering children of Abraham.