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House Democrats' Response to Prime Minister Netanyahu Address to Congress - C-SPAN video
      Jewish Voice for Peace Response to Prime Minister Netanyahu Address to Congress -

Thank G. K. Butterfield, Walter Jones and David Price for skipping the speech. (202) 225-3121
       Jewish Voice for Peace-NC denounces recent Islamophobia, join calls for community to respect for many faiths.  

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Thank G. K. Butterfield, Walter Jones and David Price for skipping the speech. (202) 225-3121

This is a copy of the latest Urgent Action that has been issued concerning Israel/OPT/PA.  Prisoner of conscience, Murad Shtewi, has been released, but still remains under threat with an order hanging over his head that states he will be arrested again should he participate in any action in the future.  This action also address Military Order 101.  See

Posted 2-23-2015



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Posted 2-8-2015

Tell your elected officials:  Don't punish the Palestinians for signing international treaties and conventions, including the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court


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Tell your senators to oppose legislation that could block a deal with Iran.

A congressional vote to reject the deal before it has a chance to work would be devastating. If Congress rejects a deal, it would flagrantly violate the commitments U.S. negotiators have made. Iran could respond by withdrawing from the agreement and restarting elements of its nuclear program that are now rolled back under the interim deal. The best way to prevent a nuclear armed Iran is to negotiate and let a good deal work. Take Action

Posted 2-5-2015

 Urge President Obama & Congress to investigate a

 settler attack on U.S. consular officials.

Take Action

Posted 1-5-2015


Donít Punish Palestinians for Joining the ICC



To be delivered to The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama. We urge you to speak up: Palestinians shouldn't be punished for joining the International Criminal Court.

Click here for more info and to sign petition   Also see article on Israel withholding tax revenues to the Palestinians.

Posted 1-3-2015


Amnesty International URGENT ACTION: Release Murad Shtewi, prisoner of conscience, immediately and unconditionally.


Posted 12-26-2014


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The US government has enabled the large-scale violation of Palestinian human rights through decades of unconditional military, economic, and diplomatic support. This approach has failed in every way and has led to deaths, suffering and insecurity primarily for Palestinians, but also for Israelis and others around the world....

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 Tell Congress: Settlements Must Stop. Peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians are at a halt, but human rights violations associated with the Israeli occupation continue.  Settlements, in particular, and the infrastructure that supports them, continue to take Palestinian land and obstruct daily life for Palestinians.

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FOTONNA Emergency Response Plans
Information Letter, Timeline of Events
and Sample Appeal Letter

Dear Friends of Tent of Nations,

We are writing this letter to call for action against acts of injustice by the Israeli Military towards the Nassar family farm and theirTent of Nations Peace Project.  This farm (known as Daherís Vineyard) is located just six miles southwest of Bethlehem in the Occupied Territories of Palestine (the West Bank).  As you know, this family has registration papers for their 100-acre farm dating back to the Ottoman Empire, and they are now in a situation where the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) brought in bulldozers on
May 19, 2014 and destroyed between 1,500 and 2,000 mature, fruit-bearing apricot and apple trees and grape vines, all in the lower valley of the farm....

For more information and action you might take, click here.

Posted 2-20-2014

 We support President Obama and members of Congress who oppose the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act. Those who support the act should pair it with a Nuclear Weapon Free Israel Act, with the same sanctions to be applied to Israel as to Iran if it does not comply equally with the same constraints on its nuclear program. The US must be consistent in its foreign policy and hold all nations to the same standard.

The best solution is a nuclear weapons free Middle East and a nuclear weapons free world.

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Tell Congress to call for a complete halt to all settlement activity

This month, tell Congress to call for a complete halt to all settlement activity as a show of support for a just and lasting peace for Israelis and Palestinians.

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Organizations in the Faith Forum on Middle East Policy are sending out action alerts monthly, focusing on different issues so that members of Congress hear consistently that their constituents support a just and lasting resolution to the Palestinian and Israeli conflict. 

No WAR with Iran - Please post, share and act now

 The U.S. Senate is just eight votes away from passing veto-proof legislation that could torpedo diplomatic negotiations with Iran and send the U.S. to war. But outrage is growing and we can help turn the tide by sending a message to the 21 senators who have come out against AIPAC-backed bill S.1881, and the 20 senators who haven't endorsed. Sign the petition below to make sure these senators stand strong and don't support AIPAC's war bill.To sign petition, click here.

Petition Senator Reid: No to S 1881

Senators Kirk, Schumer, and Menendez have sponsored an AIPAC-written bill S. 1881 that will impose new sanctions on Iran. The Administration has said this bill will kill diplomacy with Iran and President Obama has called it a "march to war" since it will effectively end nuclear talks. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid can stop this bill by not allowing it to come up for a vote. Don't undermine this golden chance for diplomacy to work; ask Senate Majority Leader Reid to keep the bill off the floor. To sign petition, click here

Action alert from United for Peace and Justice

The Senate is back in session and will soon be considering the Nuclear Weapons Free Iran Act 
(S 1881). The clear purpose of this bill is to undermine the promising diplomatic opening to Iran, undertaken by the Obama Administration. 

For more information and for a special phone number to petition your senator, click here.

End the blockade that's flooding Gaza | American Friends Service Committee

Sign petition to congress  More info

Israeli lawmakers: Don't evict tens of thousands of Bedouin citizens from lands
they have inhabited  for generations.

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Campaign for Wadi Foquin

Located in the Bethlehem District in the West Bank, Wadi Foquin is a Palestinian village of 1,200 inhabitants (click here for a larger map). Since the establishment of Israel as a state Wadi Foquin has been twice demolished and then in 1954 those who lived there were forced into a refugee camp.
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Quotations on inaction/neutrality/silence
Signing online petitions is a start, but just a start.

In-person meetings with your members of Congress and their staff are the single most influential form of grassroots advocacy...

Obama addressing Israeli students March 21, 2013: Political leaders will never take risks if the people do not push them to take some risks. You must create the change that you want to see. Ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things. Full text

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Corresponding with the White House  (202)456-1111

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